Why On-Demand Marketing?

You wear every hat, and oversee every single aspect of your organization. You know marketing is critical to get to your greatest potential, but hiring a full team or agency isn’t in the cards.

I get it.

As a former Chief Marketing Officer and nonprofit Executive Director, I know the importance of matching a marketing strategy to your values and budget. Need help refining your messaging, supercharging your digital presence, and launching quality content? I bring big agency ideas with nimble, yet flawless execution to advance your mission.

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On-Demand Marketing Services


I founded Solange Was Here Marketing Agency to enable, empower, and enhance the impact of social ventures, nonprofits, and mission-driven brands. 

As a seasoned marketing leader with vast experience growing awareness, demand, and revenue for startup and high-growth companies, it represents the culmination of my marketing expertise coupled with my deep commitment to community and civic engagement.

With a career spanning industries and disciplines – from brand management to corporate communications, product marketing to demand generation – I now deliver targeted marketing strategies to organizations making a positive impact on people and planet.

As Executive Director of Joy to the World Namibia, I operate a nonprofit supporting a K-7th grade school in northern Namibia. I manage the Torrey Pines Conservancy’s membership and donor portfolio as its Development Director. I serve on the Old Globe Theater’s Community Advisory Committee, guiding the implementation of the institution’s Social Justice Roadmap and its $2 million Social Justice Fund. And I advise the San Diego Mayor and City Council on matters impacting local women and girls as an appointee to the City of San Diego’s Commission on the Status of Women

I am dedicated to deploying proven marketing practices to amplify your message, activate your community, and help you achieve your mission. Let’s get started.

In Their Words…

  • Solange is incredibly talented, driven and intelligent as well as a joy to be around. Solange is remarkably efficient without sacrificing quality and able to keep projects on track amidst chaotic deadlines. It’s humbling to work with someone so diligent and focused on solutions. Solange does what not many are able to do -- generate creative ideas AND get them done.
    Jim Styn
    Director of Marketing at DivX
  • Solange is a rock star all the way around: highly intelligent, incredible work ethic, diplomatic problem solver, great writer and marketer and able to get the best out of her team while always making sure the end product impeccably balances creative vision with practical business needs.
    Tom Huntington
    Senior Content Marketing Manager at Arcules
  • Solange is absolutely as good as it gets - incredibly hard working, very well organized, always contributing new ideas and driving others around her to think bigger and get better. If you work with Solange, be warned - you must be on top of your game as she does not allow second rate work to get past her desk. I count it a privilege to have had the opportunity to work with her.
    Ryan Taylor
    Chief Commercial Officer at Super Hi-Fi
  • Solange is a strong professional with deep expertise and insight in the Consumer Electronics Product Marketing who has contributed tremendously to defining, branding, communicating the value and making our products stand out against tough competition.
    Cristina Dobrin
    Director of Product Management, XR Technologies (AR and VR) at Qualcomm
  • A smart and talented Marcomms Director, Solange manages the client-agency relationship incredibly efficiently. She's always clear in her briefs and has all the elements under control, even when lots of moving pieces have to come together at once. She's also a real pleasure to work with - passionate, intelligent, understanding and funny - and immediately sees the value of media coverage for the business.
    Ségolène Roche
    Associate Director at Harvard
  • Solange is a thorough, thoughtful, intelligent marketing professional, conscious of her bottom line yet also takes calculated risks to set her brands apart and ahead of her competition. She understands her craft very well and always displays a strong business acumen. Her confident leadership and social awareness are both admirable and encouraging.
    Lauren Bowers
    Director of Sales at NRT Technology Group
  • Solange is an intelligent marketer with a great mix of operational sense and corporate intuition. She grasps the big picture quickly, but more importantly, understands how to convert strategy into action.
    Brad Reckamp
    Owner at Snapology of Elkhorn NE
  • Solange is known for elevating corporate and personal brands. Her communication skills have helped land several speaking engagements and publishing opportunities. An excellent writer and speaker herself, Solange’s feedback is sought after to drastically improve any editorial, script, presentation, case study, white paper, brochure, etc. She’s built lasting relationships in a new industry, gained the respect of her peers, and grew our reputation on the international stage.
    Mick Ingersoll
    Vice President Sales Operations at Everi Holdings Inc.
  • I worked with Solange on a number of media and publication pieces. Solange is always professional in her work and takes great pride in getting things done. She has an excellent track record in handling media and I was impressed with her ability to build long term relevant relationships.
    Andrew Cardno
    CEO at Game Changing Technologies, Inc.
  • I have enjoyed and appreciated working with Solange. She maintains an incredible level of professionalism and patience in working with both internal resources and external trade journals. She's attentive to high levels of technical detail and it shows in her writing to non-technical audiences.
    Jason Bonner
    Director of Product Management at BetterView
  • I was very impressed with Solange’s Marketing expertise, business acumen, and strong leadership of her team. Her team loves working for and with her, she gets s(*& done, and she has great Marketing ideas and knowledge.
    Patti Newcomer
    Founding Limited Partner at How Women Invest
  • Solange is a world-class marketer who delivers outcomes. She is revenue-focused [and] knows how to partner with sales and product teams. She is able to right-size her work to the specific needs of an organization–building out brand management, corporate communications and PR, demand generation and product marketing capabilities.
    Myra Norton
    Head of Innovation, Startup and Ecosystem Acceleration at Johns Hopkins Technology Ventures

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I can help to establish your digital presence, create ongoing communications with members and donors, manage your donor portfolio, plan events, and develop ongoing automated fundraising campaigns.